Corporate Advertising

Corporate Advertising

As one of the Ruhr-Universität’s special service units, the Corporate Advertising bureau provides the full range of design and photography services. The Corporate Advertising bureau draws up communication and advertising strategies and takes care of their visual implementation. It offers advice on RUB corporate design and produces photos for marketing and documentation.

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We design books, magazines, reports and catalogues on your behalf. In large publications in particular it is necessary to ensure that the RUB corporate design is applied, while implementing sophisticated solutions to meet diverse layout requirements at the same time.

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We present your product development and research results in the best possible light.

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Individuals or groups, award ceremonies of private settings – we provide the perfect portraits for each and every occasion.


Your order

All RUB members are entitled to commission Corporate Advertising bureau. You can get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss your request.

How to commission us

Corporate design and PR advice

Do you have any questions regarding the RUB corporate design? Or regarding the available templates that you can use to create print materials? You have designed a layout and would like to verify if it complies with the RUB corporate design? Reach out to us to discuss any general questions you might have on the RUB corporate design – free of charge.


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