Education and Internships
Die Farbfotografie zeigt eine Ansicht der Universitätsstraße in Richtung Langendreer/Witten in den 1970er Jahren. Links neben der Straße sind die Straßenbahngleise zu sehen. Im Hintergrund von links nach rechts befinden sich die Unibrücke, die im Bau befindlichen Werkhallen vor der I-Gebäudereihe.
Universitätsstraße in den 1970er Jahren

Education and Internships

University archives share the same assignment for cultural education as all other archives. The assignment manifests itself both in the archival practice as well as education and public relations.

In the context of the project Restructuring the University Archive we are currently working on further educational and partly digital program.

The engagement with archive material enables the examination of the past in an exceptional way. In order to get closer to the topic, the University Archives offers various services aimed at different groups of people. In addition to archive tours, we cooperate with university events for example exhibition projects.

In the context of our project “Restructuring the University Archive” we are working on the implementation of further, partly digital outreach program.

Guided Tours

In order for you to get to know our archive, we offer free of charge guided tours through the University Archive. In our tours we would like to familiarize you with archival work in general, the archive plans, research options and reference services, as well as our individual archival holdings. Furthermore, we are happy to take your individual interests into account. No prior knowledge is necessary for participation. It is our aim to reduce any inhibitions about archives and for you to become familiar with the subject as well as to empower you as a future user of archival institutions. This offer is, of course, addressed to all those who are interested, especially to seminars and students of the university, who wish to learn more about the above-mentioned topics.

Please direct your requests including preferred dates at We are happy to hear from you!


The University Archive is receptive to and available for cooperation with seminars, workshops and exhibition projects. Next to general introductions into the topic of archives we are happy to take your thematic priorities into account.

Please note that in order for us to adequately meet your needs and, thus, to thoroughly arrange and prepare our contribution it is absolutely necessary for you to contact us early on in your planning stage. Kindly remember that due to our capacities short-term requests are likely to be not feasible from our side. Please direct your requests at or call us at +49 234 32 26438.


Currently (02/2023), we offer internships for university students. Applicants may send their application documents via e-mail at

For further information on the terms of the internships you may also contact us via phone at +49 234 32 26438. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Phone: +49 234 32 26438

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UB, level 5, section 4, rooms 9–10
Universitätsstraße 150
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Ruhr-Universität Bochum
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The University Archive is wheelchair accessible via the entrances and elevators of the University Library. The building provides a wheelchair accessible restroom (door width: 85 cm, emergency telephone) on the first floor, UB 1/29a, which opens by Euro key. If you have any questions concerning accessibility feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help.

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