Further Institutions

So that the students and researchers of the RUB are able to concentrate fully on their work and the best possible conditions are provided, the university offers comprehensive services for members and outsiders.


The description “central” says it all: without institutions such as the university library or IT.SERVICES, the campus couldn’t possibly work.

Wegweiser an der RUB

RUB has its own advertising agency, event agency and printing shop. These institutions make it possible to, for example, plan, advertise and realise events from A to Z.

Verkaufsgespräch an der Theke des Campus-Shop im UV-Foyer.

Anyone who arrives at the campus for the first time might not find their way around straight away. Here, Campus Service provides useful pointers with its Infopoints and Receptions. In addition, the Infopoint in the main administration building houses a Unishop outlet.

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