Members of the Council of Deans

The Council of Deans consists of the Deans of the faculties I-XX.


  • Faculty of Economics: Prof. Dr Michael Roos
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: Prof. Dr-Ing. Thomas Musch


  • Faculty of Protestant Theology: Prof. Dr Beate Ego
  • Faculty of Catholic Theology: Prof. Dr Stefan Böntert
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research: Prof. Dr Grit im Brahm
  • Faculty of Historical Sciences: Prof. Dr Ulrich Rehm
  • Faculty of Philology: Prof. Dr Oliver Fahle
  • Faculty of Law: Prof. Dr Gereon Wolters
  • Faculty of Social Science: Prof. Dr Martin Werding
  • Faculty of East Asian Studies: Prof. Dr Katja Schmidtpott
  • Faculty of Sports Science: Prof. Dr Michael Kellmann
  • Faculty of Psychology: Prof. Dr Nikolai Axmacher
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Prof. Dr Markus Knobloch
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering : Prof. Dr Marcus Petermann
  • Faculty of Mathematics: Prof. Dr Peter Eichelsbacher
  • Faculty of Physics and Astronomy: Prof. Dr Ilya Eremin
  • Faculty of Geosciences: Prof. Dr Matthias Kiese
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Prof. Dr Thomas Günther-Pomorski
  • Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology: Prof. Dr Sacha Baginsky
  • Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Dr Andrea Tannapfel
  • Faculty of Computer Science: Prof. Dr Laurenz Wiskott
Council of Deans
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