Arbeitssicherheit und Umweltschutz

Occupational safety and environment protection

The team of the Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection Unit provides comprehensive information and advice on occupational safety (including hazardous substances and biomaterials), fire protection, first aid, hazardous goods, radiation and laser protection, genetic engineering, and organizes the RUB’s waste disposal.

Occupational Safety
and Enviromental Protection Unit

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Occupational, health and environmental protection management at RUB

Occupational health and safety concerns all employees and students at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The rights, duties and tasks in occupational health and safety differ depending on your role. Your duties, tasks and rights in regards to occupational health and safety differ depending on your role. You can find information about your rights and duties below in the organizational structure (Aufbauorgansation) by selecting your role (position at RUB). You can also choose „process organization“ (Ablauforganisation) and use your affiliation to find out more. Using these links, you can also find examples for risk assessments (Gefährdungsbeurteilungen), operating instructions (Betriebsanweisungen) as well as examples for health and safety instructions (Unterweisungshilfen). Please note, that these websites are currently not avaible in English.

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Process organization (Ablauforganisation)

This process organization reflects the structure of the organizational units of the RUB. Managers will find information about their specific health and safety tasks and duties by selecting their affiliation to a unit.

Process organization of the RUB (access only from within the RUB Intranet)

Organizational structure

The organizational structure reflects all roles at the university (e.g. professor, head of department, head of workshop, etc.) including their respective tasks in regards to occupational health and safety.

Organizational Structure of the RUB (access only from within the RUB Intranet)

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