PDV Project
Eine 'Begriffswolke' (Mentimeter) die Begriffe aus dem Kontext des PDV-Projekts "Neuaufstellung des Universitätsarchivs" enthält, bspw. Langzeitarchivierung, Dokumentmanagementsystem, Ingest, Richtlinie etc.

PDV Project: Restructuring the University Archive

Since its establishment in 1995 the University Archive has been ensuring the preservation of the university’s historic records. Archiving is not only the intrinsic objective of a self-governing university but also a duty that is officially mandated by law i. e. Archivgesetz NRW (Archive Law of North Rhine-Westphalia). We have been carrying out this mission for over 25 years now. During this time the work of archivists has simultaneously seen great changes and challenges in all existing media due to digitalization.

To an ever greater extent files are being created digitally. In the context of NRW-wide cooperation projects, for example Digitale Hochschule NRW (Digital University North Rhine-Westphalia) and in-house digitalizing programs such as Prozessorientierung und Digitalisierung der Verwaltung (PDV) (Process Orientation and Digitalization of Administration at Ruhr University Bochum) state-wide integrative practices for digital university administrations are to be created. Among those projects are universally applicable document management systems such as E-Studierendenakte.NRW (Electronic Student File) or E-Personalakte.NRW (Electronic Personnel File) which are to be implemented in the upcoming years.

In order for the University Archive to be able to ensure compliance regarding the new standards for safe-keeping, recording and (long-time) archiving of digital records and media in the future, we implement various measures which are to be in accordance with the respective joint objectives. Thus, at the end of 2021, the PDV project Neuaufstellung des Universitätsarchivs (Restructuring the University Archive) was initiated. The project scope encompasses first and foremost the acquisition of an up-to-date high-performance scanner, the opt-in at DiPS.kommunal project (Communal Digital Preservations Solution) regarding long-time archiving (LZA.NRW, Long-time Archiving NRW) and the implementation of a professional archive software (ACTA Pro).

Occasionally we will publish news on our PDV project. Further information can currently be found on RUB Serviceportal

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