Review Board Election 2023

The election of the Review Board members of the German Research Foundation (DFG) takes place between 23rd October 2023, 2 pm and 20th November 2023, 2 pm. This election is an important element in the system of scientific self-governance with regard to the distribution of grants by the DFG. Therefore, the DFG would like to ask all researchers who are eligible to vote to participate in the election.
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More information about the election of the Review Board
DFG election portal

Researchers are eligible to vote if they have completed their degree and have successfully passed their oral doctoral exam before the first day of the voting period or hold a professorship and are working in scientific or academic research at a research institution that is registered as a voting centre for this election (as the RUB is)for longer than the first day of the voting period.

Information for the researchers who are eligible to vote at our institution:

  • In the coming days you will receive your election notification which includes your access information for the online voting system. You will get the election notification by internal or external post. Please keep your election notification in a safe place and make sure that only you are able to use the access information. If you lose the election notification after receipt – even through no fault of your own – you cannot receive a replacement notification.
  • With your access information you will be able to log onto the online voting system during the voting period. You have six votes which you can freely distribute to candidates for different Review Boards and/or different subject areas. You can give up to three votes to the same candidate. You will find detailed instructions on how to vote on your election notification.
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