Wear what you like!

The new Community Collection is here, presenting RUB in a new look. Classic College Style and a cool Statement: the decision was in your hands. Discover the new collection now.

New collection in the Unishop
T-shirt from the new collection

Community Collection: What is it all about?

We have asked for your input. In the summer of 2019, you had the chance to vote for your favourite designs and prints and submit your ideas for the collection. The entire collection was designed at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. This has resulted in a collection from the very heart of RUB. University and Community joined forces to create truly unique pieces with individual slogans. The college style belongs to the university just as concrete belongs to RUB. And the bottom line is: “Wear what you like!”

The College Style

Man in front ob library with grey hoodie
For all of you who prefer a classic look, the RUB College Style is available in a new design.
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The Statement

Women with grey tshirt in front of a wall
For all of you who want to make a statement, the university is not just grey: “Beton blüht doch”. Ever since 1965, the RUB architecture has proudly boasted the brutalist style.
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Statement products in the online shop
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