Gegen Diskriminierung an der RUB
Michalina Trompeta
Michalina Trompeta, Antidiskriminierungsbeauftragte der RUB

About the Anti-Discrimination Officer

As the first Anti-Discrimination Officer and contact person for all discrimination issues, let me introduce myself to you.

My name is Michalina Trompeta and I’ve been the Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Officer at Ruhr University since 1 September 2022.

I have been critically examining issues pertaining to a society that is characterised by diversity since I was a student and have worked at the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency in this context.

Over the past few years, I have worked as a research assistant at the University of Cologne, most recently at the Intercultural Educational Research Working Group and at the Centre for International Relations at the Faculty of Human Sciences. My main areas of expertise in research and teaching included race theory, criticism of racism in educational work and intersectionality. In this field, I also worked as a consultant and received further training in diversity-sensitive counselling.

In addition to my theoretical expertise, I bring personal experience on the issue of discrimination to the position, as a female, migrant academic with care responsibilities who was the first one in my family to attend university.

Counselling and support

In my capacity as a provider of counselling and information, I aim to support persons affected by discriminatory behaviour in dealing with their experiences and to reduce discrimination.



Michalina Trompeta, Antidiskriminierungsbeauftragte der RUB
RUB Officer for Diversity and Anti Discrimination
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