Taking a stand against discrimination

RUB Anti-Discrimination Office

The Anti-Discrimination Office at Ruhr University Bochum is the central advice, mediation and information point for students, staff and other members of the university who experience or observe discriminatory behaviour and have questions or need support with regard to this issue.


Flyer zum Workshop "Jenseits von Kritik"
Flyer zum Workshop "Jenseits von Kritik"

On the 18th of October from 2 to 7 PM our new workshop on the topic Beyond Criticism - Recognizing and Reflecting on Israel-related Anti-Semitism will take place in cooperation with RIAS NRW (Research and Information Center on Anti-Semitism, North Rhine-Westphalia). All students who are voluntarily involved in the student body at the RUB, e.g. at the Asta, in student councils, as representatives, etc., can participate. You can register now via antidiskriminierung@rub.de.

Counselling and support

Ruhr University aims to support people who have experienced discrimination to cope effectively with their experiences. The ultimate goal is to eradicate discrimination.

RUB Anti-Discrimination Office
at Ruhr University Bochum

Phone Number

Ruhr University Bochum has a number of other support and counselling services in addition to the Anti-Discrimination Office.

General information on discrimination

These pages provide detailed information on discrimination as well as recommended actions for people who experience discrimination, their fellow students and colleagues as well as supervisors and lecturers.

Ruhr University Bochum stands up against discrimination

By establishing a central anti-discrimination office, Ruhr University has set a powerful example. In addition, several legal foundations and the university’s guidelines protect employees and students from all kinds of discriminatory treatment.

Officers and representatives
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