Frequently Asked Questions

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Which information will I have to provide in order to receive a quote?

In order to submit a quote, we require the following information:

  • Batch (number of items)
  • Print (number of print colours)
  • Date of delivery

What do I have to do if I accept your quote?

Before we can take action, we require you to submit a written order via the order form, stating the financial account or alternative payment method.

I’d like to order give-aways for an event, but I’m not sure which ones.

We are happy to research and recommend products for you. In order to supply you with customised products, we require the following information:

  1. Purpose (at what kind of event will the give-aways be used)
  2. Budget (how much are you willing to spend)
  3. Date of delivery

Can I order the required product in a small batch?

That depends on the product. If you wish to order fewer than 20 items, you might be better served to buy them directly in the Unishop. Don’t forget: the smaller the batch, the higher the price per unit.

What kind of image/graphics format do I have to submit in order for it to be printed, stamped, embossed etc.?

Depending on the product, we will discuss it with the respective manufacturer and let you know what kind of template you will have to submit. If you cannot submit the required template, our graphics resp. layout department will be happy to help you create one.

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