Administrative Department 3: Human Resources and Legal affairs
Abteilung 3.8 RUB4Talents
Post-It RUB4Talents vor Laptop.
Abteilung 3.8 Arbeitsrecht
Post-It Arbeitsrecht vor Laptop.
Abteilung 3.8 TV-L Schulung
Post-It TV-L Schulung vor Laptop.
Abteilung 3.8 eAkte NRW
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Abteilung 3.8 Digitale Urlaubsverwaltung
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Abteilung 3.8 Krankheitsbedingte Abwesenheit
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Abteilung 3.8 Entgeltordnung
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Abteilung 3.8 Grundsatzfragen TV-L
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Labour & collective bargaining law policy, training courses and digital issues in Department 3

The division is responsible for fundamental issues relating to labour and collective bargaining law that concern employment relationships and for digital matters in the HR department.

The working areas include providing guidance on, reviewing, designing and preparing project work on collective bargaining and labour law issues and looking into any digital matters as well as taking over the actual project management. This project management involves digital matters in the Department for Human Resources and Legal Affairs.

Core tasks

  • Reviewing and evaluating labour law regulations, legal amendments, judgments and collective bargaining agreements as well as creating forms and testing matrices
  • Preparing information on the key content of labour and collective bargaining regulations for the specialist divisions of Departments 3 and 7 as well as the guidance and training relating to this
  • Preparing and creating campus information on areas relating to labour and collective bargaining law for the faculties, central administration and the committees
  • Training on areas relating to labour and collective bargaining law
  • Project management for the PDV (process orientation and digitalisation in administration) projects “Digital Holiday Administration” (internal software solution for absence management) and “RUB4Talents” (introduction of an IT-supported application management system) and representative of Ruhr-Universität Bochum in the consortium for the “Digital Personnel File” project in the state-wide project “E-Personalakte.NRW” by DH.NRW
  • Preparatory guidance e.g. with regard to the process description, the project outline and agreement, involvement of the committees and the IT committee for digital matters in Department 3
  • Point of contact for Departments 3 and 7 for the “Picture” process description software

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Labour and collective bargaining law policy, TV-L training measures and digital matters in Department 3


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Projects “RUB4Talents”, “Digital Holiday Administration”


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Administrative Department 3 – Human Resources and Legal affairs
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