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Registrar's office

The Registrar’s Office is the central registration office that manages the affairs of students and doctoral candidates at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

The Registrar’s Office Department includes the Admission Office, Registrar’s Office and Scholarship Office and ensures centralised administration:

The application for a university place and the selection procedure for subjects with restricted admission take place in the Admission Office; enrolment, transfer, re-registration and the completion of administrative tasks during your studies take place in the Registrar’s Office.

Students can manage a number of organisational matters relating to their studies from the comfort of their own home - even outside office hours of the Registrar’s Office. These services are integrated into the eCampus portal.

Admission Office

The Admission Office organises the application procedure for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes with admission restrictions, and for transfer students who wish to enrol at Ruhr-Universität in higher semesters. The Admission Office also conducts the selection procedure for international applicants.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is where enrolment, transfer, re-registration and exmatriculation take place. In addition, you can apply for a refund of overpayments and the transfer of misdirected payments.

Scholarship Office

The RUB Scholarship Office manages the doctoral scholarships, the Ruhr-Universität Foundation, the student scholarship programme, the scholarships of the Collaborative Research Centres, the Research Training Groups and private foundations.



Peter Kardell

SSC 0/255
Telefon: 0234 32 25482

(Acting) Vice Director


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