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Teaching Report

In the teaching report, academic units examine the quality of their teaching and learning programs and thus give an account of their activities within the university every three years.

The eighth teaching report took place in 2018/19. Topics were in particular:

  • Quality of courses / examinations
    (How is the quality of courses and examinations ensured and further developed?)
  • Support and advice
    (How are students supported and advised in the different phases of their studies with a view to successful study?)
  • Cooperation
    (How do teaching units cooperate internally, with each other and with central academic institutions (within the RUB) or within the UA Ruhr to provide a high-quality range of courses)?

Teaching reporting is carried out on the basis of a data report. In addition to data from university statistics, the report also contains results from the regularly conducted student surveys. The results of the the discussion about the teaching reports are target agreements between the teaching units and the rectorate, as part of the university development plan.
Our service

  • Provision of a structure for the teaching report
  • Provision of a data report with data from university statistics as well as survey data (student monitor, graduate survey)
  • Assistance in the preparation of the report and organizational support
  • Preparation and follow-up of the discussion of the results in the University Commission for Teaching
  • Preparation of a report for the senate
  • Derivation of proposals for teaching-related target agreements between teaching units and the rectorate
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Abschlussbericht der Lehrberichtsrunde VIII
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Qualitätsmanagement in der Lehre an der RUB
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Das QM-System an der RUB, seine Instrumente und die Services rund um das Thema Qualität der Lehre.

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