Committee elections

Elections of the status groups for the Senate and the faculty councils take place every three years in the summer semester. Since the term of office for student members of the Senate and faculty council is only one year, students elect their members to the Senate and faculty council every year, rather than every 3 years. This page provides contact details, deadlines, relevant forms, the latest information and other helpful hints for a smooth election process.

Questions and answers

FAQ general

  • How is the election announced?
    All voters were notified of the election on 4 May 2021 by e-mail. In addition, the election will be announced on the RUB website and the websites of the faculties.
  • Who is eligible to vote?
    All registered students are eligible to vote.
  • How do I receive postal voting documents?
    Every eligible voter receives his/her absentee ballot papers upon application. You can find the online form here: https://public.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/wahlen/sefakstud
  • I did not receive an information mail. Does that mean I am not entitled to vote?
    You can get information about the electoral roll by calling the election office (see column on the right).
  • Why do I have to register to vote and not just get the documents sent to me?
    Since the enrolment register does not always contain the current postal address, we need this information to ensure that all eligible voters receive the documents in time.
  • How can I check whether I am on the electoral roll?
    The usual display of the electoral roll does not take place due to the contact block. You can obtain information on the electoral roll by telephone or by e-mail from the electoral office (see column on the right).
  • When does the deadline for applying for postal voting documents end?
    This ends on 11 June 2021, in deviation from the regulation in the electoral regulations, in order to ensure a timely return.
  • Who do I contact if I have not received the postal voting documents despite having applied for them?
    In this case, please contact the election office by telephone or e-mail (see column on the right).
  • Are there any costs for me as a voter for the postal vote?
    No, the return of the voting documents is free of charge.
  • Can I also vote on campus?
    The polling station is in the Audimax.
  • How are the election proposals submitted?
    The election proposals will be accepted electronically, in deviation from the regulation in the election regulations.
  • By when must the election proposals be submitted?
    The election proposals must be submitted by 18 May 2021.
  • How can I register an election list for the Senate or Faculty Council elections?
    The election proposals are voted on in the status group. To do so, please contact the election officer of your faculty, stating the name of the list and the list spokesperson for the Senate election and for the Faculty Council election. They will send the election proposals for the senate and faculty council elections to the election office in due time. For information on already registered election lists or list spokespersons, please also contact the election officer.

FAQ for election officials:

  • Who is responsible for sending out the postal voting documents?
    The absentee ballot papers are only sent out centrally.
  • Who counts the ballots?
    Both the ballot papers for the Senate and the Faculty Councils will be counted centrally this year.
  • Who prepares the ballot papers for the Faculty Council?
    The ballot papers for the elections to the Faculty Councils will be centrally produced this year.

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