University Management

Since 1 January 2007, RUB has had legal status as a corporation under public law. The university is managed by the Rectorate. Together with other steering committees, the Rectorate is responsible for the organisation and development of teaching and research at RUB.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the RUB election committee and Rectorate have decided to conduct the Senate and faculty council elections 2020 by postal vote only.

The University Council has far-reaching powers. It plays a direct strategic role in determining the future development of the university and is responsible for supervising the operative business carried out by the university management.

The Rectorate, consisting of the Rector, the Chancellor and three Vice Rectors, governs the university.

The Senate is one of the central organs of the Ruhr-Universität. It is composed of 25 elected members

The Council of Deans advises the Rectorate and the University Councilon matters of research, art, teaching, and study which concern the whole university and the central facilities and which are of fundamental importance.

Standing committees help prepare Senate resolutions and advise the Rectorate, Senate, Fakultäten, and other institutions.

The duty of the University Election Assembly is the election and recall of members of the Rectorate.

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