Integration Management Officer

The integration management programme (Betriebliche Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM) is a service for employees who are unfit for work due to an illness, either frequently or for an extended period of time. Supported by the RUB integration management officer and, if required, by other bodies in charge of consultancy and assistance, employees are provided with solutions that help them continue to work despite their impairments, to prevent further deterioration, and to cut down on absence from work.

The BEM officer’s duties in accordance with BEM practices are as follows:

  • general consultancy and information on any BEM-related issues,
  • coordination and implementation of BEM practices,
  • briefings and BEM interviews,
  • coordination of the integration team and calling of meetings,
  • introduction and monitoring of relevant measures on behalf of the Rector and the Chancellor,
  • networking with and integrating of internal and external institutions (e.g. rehab facilities).


Susanne Schutta, BEM-Beauftragte der RUB
RUB BEM Officer

FNO 01/138

Phone Number

Susanne Schutta has been full-time Integration Management Officer at Ruhr University Bochum (BEM Officer) since May 2017. She is a trained prevention/addiction counsellor and has been a Certified Disability Manager (CDMP) since 2017.

Ms. Schutta provides independent consultancy, is not bound by directives, and maintains strict client confidentiality. She is assisted by the integration team in the Integration Management Programme.

Integration Management Programme

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