The Rectorate, consisting of the Rector, the Chancellor and four Vice-Rectors, governs the university.

The Rectorate sees itself as being uniquely committed to the guiding principle of "creating knowledge networks” – the unbiased, interdisciplinary interaction of researchers and learners.

Based on a broad consensus within the university, the Rectorate has set itself the task of contributing to the further development of the Ruhr-Universität as a modern, high-powered, cosmopolitan university at an internationally competitive level. At the same time, the Rectorate emphasises the special responsibility of the Ruhr-Universität to the region and the people living in it.

Tasks of the rectorate

The Rectorate manages the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). The key areas of activities of the current Rectorate include:

  • The further development of teaching
  • The profiling of research
  • The strengthening of knowledge transfer
  • The internationalisation of the RUB
  • The extension of the RUB’s social responsibility
  • The extension and strengthening of cooperation with universities and non-university institutions
  • The campus modernisation

University Management
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