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The RUB teaching staff survey

The initial pilot survey on the future of teaching at Ruhr University Bochum in the winter semester 2023/24 intends to identify the opinions and experiences of all teaching staff in order to create teaching and learning processes and to record and further develop the dynamics of the digitalization of higher education teaching.

The teaching staff survey collects data on various aspects of teaching, including ongoing digitalization, teaching conditions and the didactic benefits of teaching and learning tools. It also focuses on determining assessments for improving teaching practice and identifying potential needs for support. Teaching staff's experiences with open teaching and learning materials are recorded in order to further promote the potential of open educational resources (OER). In addition, teaching staff's perspectives on future topics such as artificial intelligence in teaching will be surveyed.

The results should help to systematically integrate the teaching staff's perspective into the strategic development of higher education teaching at RUB. The survey is also part of the RuhrFutur education initiative and thus makes an important contribution to educational reporting in the Ruhr region.

First results of the teaching staff survey have been published here.

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