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Allocation of Lecture Halls

Members of Ruhr University Bochum as well as third-party organizers can reserve and use the rooms and lecture halls on campus.

Dozent und Studierende in einem Hörsaal
Studierende sitzen in einem Hörsaal und schauen den Dozenten an.

For Members of Ruhr University Bochum

How to Book Rooms and Lecture Halls in the Database

Room allocations at Ruhr University Bochum are recorded via an eCampus database. All faculties and institutes have decentralized access to it and can book rooms and lecture halls for which they have pre-booking rights directly via this database.

Booking via the Lecture Hall and Seminar Room Allocation System

All rooms and lecture halls can also be booked via the lecture hall and seminar room allocation system. This system can also be used by institutions at Ruhr University that don’t have access to the eCampus database.

Booking Lecture Halls

Please submit your booking requests via email to:

or via the online form:

Information for AStA, Student Councils & Associations of Ruhr University

  • The AStA, the departmental student committees and the associations at Ruhr University Bochum can book lecture rooms via email.
  • Approval from the Department of Facility Management must be obtained at least 14 days in advance for booking.
  • In order to book a room or lecture hall, the booking must be made at least 1 week before the event takes place by sending an email to Please make sure you attach the approval of the Department of Facility Management as a PDF file.

In Case of Questions about the Facilities on Campus

For organizational questions regarding lecture hall and room occupation, please get in touch with the contact persons for lecture hall allocation:

Your contact persons for the allocation of lecture halls
The photo shows the two contact persons for the allocation of lecture halls at Ruhr University Bochum.
Please contact Sascha vom Brocke and Marisa von Possel if you have any questions about the allocation of lecture halls.

Further Information & Contact Points

The Facility Management department is always informed about the current room occupancy:

eCampus provides an overview of the occupancy of rooms and lecture halls:

Please find information on the opening and closing hours of our facilities for courses at the weekend here:

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Course Catalog and Rooms

For Third-Party Organizers

Ruhr University Bochum has the right venue for every event.

Room Overview for Third-Party Organizers

Alumni Grillfest
Ein festlich gedeckter Tisch.

Room reservations for events that are not organized by members of Ruhr University are handled by UNIversaal - the university's event agency:

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Campus Service
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